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The No To Retro Tax website is the hub of a campaign to enable victims of the draconian retrospective legislation in s58 to form a united front by pooling resources, knowledge and money to maximise an effective campaign.

The key elements of the campaign are:-

  • To lobby for an amendment of s58 to make it in line with the normal Rees rules for introducing retrospective legislation. (i.e. from the date of BN66 in 2008 and not 1987).

With that objective, NTRT engaged a professional political consultancy firm (The Whitehouse Consultancy) to educate MPs as to the problems that S58 will cause and to seek an amendment to the legislation. To date whilst it has attracted a great deal of support from constituency MPs the Government is still resisting attempts to amend the legislation but the efforts continue.

  • To complain about HMRC conduct

NTRT have made a formal complaint of HMRC conduct who have continued to make false, inaccurate and misleading statement to justify their unacceptable conduct and NTRT have engaged professional advisers to assist in preparing formal complaints and are also pursuing other forms of legal actions to ensure allegations of HMRC maladministration and misconduct are brought before independent Judges and Tribunals and  to be held to account for their conduct.

  • United we stand

HMRC have an ongoing policy of bringing pressure to bear on anyone they who consider has “Not paid their fair share of Tax” and will pick off individuals who, on their own, are unable to respond to their heavy handed tactics. NTRT endeavours to co-ordinate clients of various promoters to ensure a greater impact in any actions and to form a united front against HMRC bully boy tactics such as APNs.


What else are you getting for your donation?

  • Regular newsletters and copies of all previous newsletters and briefings on s58 and allied matters.
  • Detailed FAQs/documents.
  • The opportunity to take a wider role through meetings with MPs and Ministers, if that’s what you want.
  • To put you in contact with other members in the same position (you are not alone).
  • Access to specialist debt advisers.

Without the support of people who used the tax planning scheme, this campaign will not be able to fund the process long enough to make a difference. In perhaps an irony of our age, we need to be “all in it together” to make this work.

Some of the documentation that we have already uncovered is so shocking that you will question what Britain has become. We have been treated very unfairly and we hope, with your help, to change that.

Please join us today.

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Please make sure you complete the member’s details so we have up to date information of your email address, your Scheme Provider and Post Code to identify your MP so we can put you in touch with other members in your constituency.

If you are affected and are unable to donate the minimum amount of £300 due to financial hardship, please contact us via the contact form.  We want everyone affected to benefit from this campaign.

Please note:

NTRT's main focus is to help members who entered into an arrangement to utilise the Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) between the UK and the Isle of Man and unfortunately, we do not campaign for those affected by EBT schemes and would suggest visiting the Contractor UK forums for more help on that issue.

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