This website has been created to provide a focus for the campaign against the retrospective tax legislation introduced in Section 58 of the UK Finance Act 2008.

Section 58 targeted a legal and transparent tax planning scheme involving double taxation treaties which HMRC had known about for years. It retrospectively amended an Act of Parliament from 1987, making it appear as though the scheme had never been lawful. As a result, some 3,000 individuals are facing bankruptcy as a result of retrospective tax demands going back many years.

The No To Retro Tax campaign has been created by a group of victims of Section 58. Its members comprise professionals from a wide range of backgrounds including freelance IT engineers, property developers, and healthcare workers.

The main objectives of the campaign are:

  1. Lobby for an amendment to S58.
  2. Assist promoters with Tax Tribunal appeals, Europe etc.
  3. Instigate a formal complaint against HMRC’s conduct as well as an ombudsman enquiry.
  4. Provide an information & support focal point for all victims of S58.

The campaign is lobbying for an amendment to Section 58(4) of the Finance Act 2008 to remove the retrospective elements of the legislation, bringing it in line with the Rees rules and HMRC protocol and meaning that retrospective tax liabilities would only accrue from the moment the intention was announced to close the affected scheme, and not for the period in which they were operating legally.

Our campaign is funded entirely by volunteers and victims of Section 58. To help our campaign and gain access to the members’ area and tools to lobby your Member of Parliament, please make a contribution using the link on the right hand side of the page.

New members: please read this short FAQ.